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New! Children’s Clogs by Beavers

We have some lovely new children’s clogs from Beavers in stock and available now to buy online here

The childrens clogs are also available for trade purchase and we are positive they will go down a storm this year!


A dog..hanging about…in a clog

Check out this tiny tot in a huge clog!

An inventive Garden decoration

What a great idea! I stumbled across this here picture of old fashioned clogs turned into wall flower baskets. I think they look fantastic! A fresh idea for the Spring!

Haha, ‘Noah’s Clog’, Monster Truck clog and roller clog

Haha check these out….

Stuck for Mothers Day gift ideas?

Why not treat your Mum to a pair of Sanita or Beaver Clogs for Mother Day? With such a huge range of colours and patterns it’s the perfect alternative gift (and beats soggy toast!) which she’ll use again and again. Hopefully, fingers crossed (and toes, legs, eyes…), the weather for Mothers Day might be brighter than it’s current state (sloshy rainsnowwind) so taking your Mum for a walk through the country or to the seaside would be grand, or treat her to a lovely lunch somewhere. A good idea for Fathers out there, why not make a pair of clogs a collaboratory gift from the kids and you? Perfect for a family day out!

Also, there’s 10% off all Beaver clogs at the moment – perfect!

Where did Mothers Day come from?

Every year we worship our Mamas and show our love via the magic of piles of burnt cold toast, anemic cups of tea, and slightly bent flowers. But where does the Mothers Day tradition come from?In the UK and Ireland Mothers Day falls on the forth Sunday of Lent – exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday (which, by the way, lands on the 14th March this year!) It is believed to have originated from the 16th Century Christian practice of visiting one’s mother church annually, which meant that most Mother’s were reunited with their children. Most historians believe that young apprentices and young women in servitude were released by their masters (holidays apparently didn’t exist then!) on Mothers Day weekend to visit their families.It is now principally used to show appreciation to one’s Madre, although it is still recognised in the historical sense by some churches, with attention paid to Mary the mother of Jesus Christ as well as the traditional concept ‘Mother Church’.
Also, Mothers Day can fall at the earliest on 1st March (in years when Easter falls on 22nd March) and at the latest on the 4th April (when Easter Day on 25t April).So there you have it! Some of the reasons behind the day of the mum!

Mary-Kate Clogsen

Here’s the twin strolling in a plat formed clog.

Try to look past the afro

It would seem Tony Cenicola of The New York Times has noticed the fashion power of the clog! Check out an exert of her piece below.

Once reserved for nurses and vegans, clogs were seen stomping all over the spring runways. For Chanel, it was “Green Acres” complete with aprons, flower baskets and hopsack clogs with bold CC’s — a nod to the thick-soled footwear favored by Dutch and Swedish farmers. Marc Jacobs outfitted his sportier, colorful clogs with kitten heels, tassels and a mustache-like fur. (A buxom Lara Stone wears them in the new Louis Vuitton ad campaign; she is surrounded by moss, trees and white doves in a bucolic scene of innocence and luxury.) Meanwhile, Miu Miu took clogs the ’70s route with huge platforms and kitschy prints of dogs, birds and daises.

The New York-based designer Karin Bereson of No. 6 is a big step ahead of the game; she began producing a line of clogs for her boutique in Little Italy in the fall of 2006. “I just felt it,” says Bereson, who was looking for an antidote to the generic and the mass produced. “There has been a movement back to simple, organic things.”

She started with a basic clog boot. “People were loving the boots, buying four to six pairs, so moving to other styles seemed like a natural progression,” Bereson says. She now offers a slingback clog and a T-strap clog sandal. These and other styles are riffs on a vintage clog she found. She played with its shape, making variations that were taller, narrower and, she says, “more urban,” adding tassels, peep toes and kilties in order to “make them more whimsical, less literal and purely fun.”

We too have some tassled clogs, in the form of the new black suede Sanitas’. Afro optional!