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Where did Mothers Day come from?

Every year we worship our Mamas and show our love via the magic of piles of burnt cold toast, anemic cups of tea, and slightly bent flowers. But where does the Mothers Day tradition come from?In the UK and Ireland Mothers Day falls on the forth Sunday of Lent – exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday (which, by the way, lands on the 14th March this year!) It is believed to have originated from the 16th Century Christian practice of visiting one’s mother church annually, which meant that most Mother’s were reunited with their children. Most historians believe that young apprentices and young women in servitude were released by their masters (holidays apparently didn’t exist then!) on Mothers Day weekend to visit their families.It is now principally used to show appreciation to one’s Madre, although it is still recognised in the historical sense by some churches, with attention paid to Mary the mother of Jesus Christ as well as the traditional concept ‘Mother Church’.
Also, Mothers Day can fall at the earliest on 1st March (in years when Easter falls on 22nd March) and at the latest on the 4th April (when Easter Day on 25t April).So there you have it! Some of the reasons behind the day of the mum!


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